We are Kirill and Yana, the founders of the GoKids! project. We are a young family, and we know first hand how difficult it is sometimes to entertain a small child during a long trip or waiting in line, or when parents need to make an important call and some other business. In this case, any parent would like to not just entertain the kid, but do it with some benefit for him — for example, developing mental abilities and giving the first knowledge about the world around. Moms and dads save the situation as they can — carry bags full of games, toys, books, but, firstly, there is not always an opportunity for this, and secondly, home toys are usually studied along, across and on the taste, and they are not able to distract the attention of the baby for a long time. Faced with this problem on personal experience, we noticed that when the arsenal of toys is exhausted, a smartphone or a tablet come to help insensibly. The modern kid is interested in such devices because parents themselves often use them. And it dawned on us: we need to create children’s educational games for mobile devices that meet the necessary requirements — ours and most parents’ — entertain, develop, educate. So, the idea of ​​the first mobile game for kids and, as a consequence, our company, were born in 2012.

Since then, we have released more than 40 games on the Android platform and almost as many on the iOS platform. All our games have beautiful and simple interfaces, colorful illustrations, funny animations. All games train fine motor skills, attention, memory, intelligence, perseverance, assiduity. The games teach young children alphabet, shapes, numbers, colors, animals, musical notes, new words, kids do puzzles on different topics, play a supermarket, a doctor, a farm, a pizza maker — and all this not only in Russian, but and in English, Spanish and many other languages! The games are voiced by native speakers with perfect pronunciation.

Now over 70 professionals are creating the educational games for your kids — illustrators, animators, programmers, testers and others. Our friendly team is international — we have colleagues all over the world. We often attend profile conferences around the world.

We are not going to stop there — we have many cool ideas for new games, and a lot of interesting and exciting work on their implementation is ahead.